Is it normal that people think cartoons are only for kids?

If I want to enjoy things like My Hero Academia or classic Scooby Doo episodes it shouldn't be an issue.

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  • You don’t have to advertise that you watch these if people are going to cast judgements.

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    • I think thats the point op is making. People shouldnt judge our taste in pop culture/media

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      • Without any judgment you can't survive in life. Let people have their opinions. Why do you care what they think of your hobbies? Do these people even remotely matter to you? Is it like your best friend mocking your taste in media? Find another friend?? If it's just strangers online... Why does them not liking you bother you?

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        • This is typically why I stay away from interactions on social media. Nothing good comes from engaging with negativity. If someone hates me without even knowing me, thats their prerogative.

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      • I'm not the OP, but I agree with this. Turn up the color contrast and the whole medium is for kids.

        Avoiding advertising that you watch cartoons is a bad solution, especially if it makes up a significant portion of your entertainment (as anime tends to do). You end up coming off like you don't watch anything and have no hobbies. Best to just throw it out there and be the guy. There's usually more than just one person in any given group that's into this stuff, anyway.

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        • This goes for any tv or media, but the issue I have is when anyone bases their whole personality off of a show. most commonly I see Anime (Naruto, boku no hero academia), friends, the office, gossip girls, keeping up with the Kardashians ect...

          nothing wrong with watching shows outside the target demographics, just dont be a cunt about it.

          Nuff said

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        • I will be the guy who says it is weird to only (or mostly) watch animated shows. People are not 2 dimensional. It's a lot more natural to want to see other humans: actors in movies.

          And? Why is every group's opinion important to you? You trying to fit in with every group? Again, why?

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          • It's better to be known as what you are (a person who watches anime) than what you're not (a person who does nothing). It's about trying to fit in, it's about being yourself. I would wager that if you're avoiding talking about it because you're embarrassed, you're trying too hard to fit in.

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  • I still watch cartoons with my grandson and enjoy them. Anything that makes you laugh is good.

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  • why classic scooby-doo when you have velma??

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  • You watch whatever you like, but it was intended for kids originally. I enjoy watching a cartoon or two occasionally too. It's no big deal, but it's not the type of thing you should tell people about yourself, at least not if you're not very close to them.

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  • Maybe because the specific cartoons you mention (My Hero Academia and Scooby Doo) are specifically aimed at kids?

    You're the one making it an issue, bro. Honestly you sound like a confused Brony who expects special treatment.

    If you are into stuff that's not for your age group, it's going to look weird no matter how you spin it. Because it is not normal. Not usual, not typical. Most adults are bored by kids media. Because there is nothing they can learn from it, and the animation is often ugly looking or obnoxious.

    I'm not against animated media. But it's not the only thing I watch. And I would consider it weird and strange if an adult older than me was only into kiddie shows.

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  • Spongebob is my favourite cartoon, and I watch it still

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  • It's normal but untrue. I think this is more of a Western mentality, even though many adults in the West enjoy cartoons.

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  • People judge over everything and it's impossible to please everyone. Don't let their opinions bother you

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  • You can say the same thing about anime ( although that is a style of cartoon )

    things like One Piece, Doraemon, Shin-Chan, Naruto etc. are for everyone.

    More importantly cartoons and anime can be enjoyed by just about anybody.

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    • Naruto is specifically aimed at teenagers.

      One Piece is aimed at teens and young adults.

      Crayon Shin-Chan is a disturbing shitfest about a 5 year old child who apparently already has sexual thoughts about his kindergarten teacher and his own mother. Nobody should watch it.

      There are animated shows aimed at adults. Animes like Banana Fish come to mind, or Psycho Pass. But none of what you listed is aimed at adults. And some of the shows you listed are not even family friendly. Naruto and One Piece are not suitable for small kids because there is too much graphic violence and horror moments.

      If you are looking for more family friendly animated shows that everyone can enjoy, then try:

      Animals of Farthing Wood
      Noah's island
      X-Men: The Animated Series
      Inside Out
      Avatar The Legend of Aang
      Morose Mononokean
      Hotarubi no Mori e
      A Silent Voice
      Shuriken School
      Oban Star Racers
      Yin Yang Yo
      Danny Phantom
      Tom and Jerry
      Dragon Hunters
      Jacob Two-Two
      Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

      Like any of those seem to be for the whole family to watch together. Some of these have some violence (like Miraculous and Avatar), but it is handled in a kid friendly way.

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