Is it normal that people have been treating me better since my haircut?

I'm female. I got my hair cut short, in a wispy pixie bob style, after it kept getting in my eyes. It's very different from my normal look.

My experience of going about life in public has changed since the hair transformation. Random people smile at me more when they talk to me and tolerate my eccentricity more. People look at me more. Train ticket inspectors let me past without demanding to see my ticket, when before they used to stand and tut while I fumbled around in my bag for it. People forgive me for things they didn't use to. Shopkeepers are more obliging when I ask them if they have something in stock. Even my boss at work speaks to me in a less condescending tone.

It's weird. All I did was get a haircut.
If you're down on your luck, the advice I've read is that one of the most worthwhile investments is a haircut. Whether or not this saying is true, I can see how people have been treating me more kindly since I got one. The question is... is it normal for them to do that? And with short-haired women in particular?

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  • Sounds like you look better with short hair and are now enjoying pretty privilege. Milk it for what it’s worth is my advice.

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  • Yep, especially short hair cuts.

    You set people on their heels. They're afraid of you. You may just be some type of alt life style activist, anything they say or do may be scrutinized and considered discrimination, sexism, or just get them in trouble. The looks from people come from all perspectives, some think you are brave for rocking a short hair cut and being yourself. Some think you are advertising for a particular type of sexual partner, other are smiling just because they like it and wish they could pull off a short cut. And yes some laugh or smile because they think it's weird.

    Personally I find hair has little to do with the person, and who or what they are. I do find it can be a confidence booster and may allow or encourage people to act more confident or show certain sides of their personality.

    I find 80% of people fall into a normal hair style category. The other 20 want to outwardly scream, I'm different, I'm an individual, I'm not just another one of the herd. Or I am a ____. (Fill in the blank with your choice).

    Guys have cuts indicative or associated with certain things, there is; band/rocker, gay, punk, skinhead versions and styles. Women have the same, the longer the more feminine, permed can be a financial status, lesbian butch, bi sideshaves, punk, rocker, and goth have styles. We haven't even touched on colors.

    On a whole if you are in the 20% with the different style, you get a lot of smiles and different treatment because people are acknowledging I get you, I'm reading your signals.

    The whole time none of that may apply to (you) the person. They may just like that particular hair style. However, I do think it's ignorant of them to not take a look in the mirror and acknowledge a lot of people are going to think ____ because of this hair style.

    If you like it, wear it, and rock it!

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  • Maybe you just plain feel better with your new hair, and people can sense that change in your attitude. I want to get a haircut! My hair has now grown past my butt, and I never wear it down anymore, because it's such an inconvenience.

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  • I think you’re linking a haircut to random, unrelated experiences.

    Most eccentric.

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  • Probably because they're a little on edge. People with pixie cuts make me nervous lol

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