Is it normal that people have a problem with who someone dates?

It just seems like no matter who someone dates, the rest of the world is going to have a problem with it. Of course gays and lesbians know this better than anyone but also -

Any guy a pretty woman dates suddenly becomes an "asshole" to the rest of the world.
Someone is too young/too old/out of your league/you can do better...
If a man in fair or good physical shape dates a fat woman, his life is over. Friends and family will ridicule etc.

The interesting thing though is that women will stick by their man no matter how much hell the world gives her. Men try to keep their shameful or forbidden romances a secret.

The ONLY time the world seems to approve of any relationship is if it is a beautiful woman dating a beta male with a lot of money.

What you think?

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  • I only disagree with the last statement. If a woman dates a "beta" male people will still disapprove and tell her she can do better.

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    • Unless the beat has money.
      My step-sister is married to some beta-bux and of course the rest of the family is thrilled.

      My step-sister is kind of a domineering bitch, I feel bad for her husband.

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