Is it normal that orange cats are more friendly?

I've had lots of cats throughout my life, and for some reason, orange ones are always the friendliest, quirkiest, most cuddly ones.

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  • I used to think orange cats were the best, but then I got a Siamese cat.

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  • Orange cats are super friendly and affectionate! It's just their way. 😺😸😻😽😼🙀😹

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  • I think orange cats are generally bold natured, there’s the stereotype of the aggressive “ginger Tom” but there’s probably the flip side of them being more confident and comfortable around people. Sadly the orange cats in my area are all scared of me.

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    • I'm someone with an absolute detest of cats, for whatever reason they for some reason seem to really like me especially ginger ones as if I'm some sort of cat whisperer.

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  • My black shorthair is the most friendly cat you will find. Has a lil Madagascar spot on his face.

    If you want to see what he looks like just look up "russian soldier get brain eaten by cat" that cat looks uncannily like our cat.

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