Is it normal that nearly all brazilians have a c-section to keep vag tight?

Nearly all Brazilians get C-Sections . This is to keep their vagina in good shape. Is this normal or is it crazy?

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  • On one hand: their bodies, their choice. I'm all for people being free to decide to do whatever the hell they want with their bodies.

    On the other hand: Caesarean birth is invasive abdominal surgery. If the doctor and anaesthetist are competent and the woman is healthy, the risk of complications isn't huge, but those risks do exist. I also understand that, while it's generally possible for a woman who's had a vaginal birth to be functioning with some degree of normality very soon after the delivery, the fact that abdominal muscles are cut during a C-section makes recovery a matter of weeks or even months.

    It seems to me the big question here is who the women are having the C-section for. If it's because they have a clear understanding of the aftereffects of a vaginal birth and they don't want to deal with that, then fair enough, they should go the Caesarean route. But I strongly suspect a lot of these women decide to have their abdomens sliced open because they're afraid their man will enjoy sex with them less and leave them if their vagina feels less snug after they give birth.

    For what it's worth, I've had four sexual relationships with women who were mothers. One had a vagina that was very slack; so much so that it was challenging for me to get enough stimulation to reach orgasm. Two felt no different to what I'd previously experienced with women who had never given birth. The third had two teenage kids and was in her fifties. Her vagina was surprisingly snug, and I understood why when I learned that her daily routine included doing Kegels during her commute to work.

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  • This is bollocks.

    C sections are so common in Brazil because the medical system is fucked up and it's the best way for doctors to optimise their time. C sections get the baby out on a quick, predictable schedule. So they recommend them to everyone. There are even cases of women being lied to in order to make them think that a C section is the only safe option. This was international news when it came to light, and is very easy to find info on if you Google it.

    Also, the changes in the vagina/pelvic floor come from carrying the baby. Aside from a bit of tearing, which often heals to the point of being unnoticeable, the actual birth process doesn't usually do much. It's the pregnancy that changes things. So having a c section isn't going to "keep vag tight", as you put it.

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  • Seems like overkill dont they stitch it up anyway

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  • Hahahaha

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    • But yes, that's true. I just laughed at first because I pictured non-pregnant women doing that... lol

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