Is it normal that my sleep pattern is really fucked up?

Most of the time I do not sleep at all and I am finding it difficult, is this normal?

If I need help who is the best person to talk to?

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  • Da best person to talk to would be da vampire from da muppets. Nigga's name is Da Count. Ah ah ah.

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    • I've never seen Tha Count on the Muppets, but dat muthafucka been hangin round Sesame Street for fifty years, but he is a muppet though. Yeah, Tha Count is an OG, fa sho.

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    • lmao

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  • I can relate. I take meds to sleep (Atenalol and Vistaril). It really helps to me get tired.

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  • I myself have severe insomnia along with other things that mess my sleep schedule up. Have a very active and physically demanding life.

    The things that can influence your ability to sleep are diet, excersize(can’t spell that word), mental&physical health, and environment.

    Do you drink or do drugs? What medications are you on? Have you talked to a doctor or therapist? Are you getting out enough? These are questions you can ask yourself and see where problems may lie.

    There are doctors who work specifically in sleep related issues, I used to go to a sleep clinic before covid, so you can look there.

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  • This generation guys are born vampires

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