Is it normal that my parents treat my kids way better than they treated me?

I mean I'm not really jealous but anything my kids ask my parents for they get wheareas we always got we can't afford it or you know what I had when I was your age. They even serve them breakfast in bed which I only got when I had my tonsils removed.

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  • They're older and probably have more money, so that makes sense.

    Here's a good saying....raise your children, spoil your grandchildren. If you spoil your children, you will raise your grandchildren.

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    • Boy that's really true.

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  • I think it's normal and I believe grandparents treat their grandchildren the way they would have wanted to treat their own child. But remember that when you were kid they had to work, take care of you 24/7, pay loans etc... They had many worries. Now, those people are just enjoying their lives and they have less stress. They have acquired more wisdom and have a greater perspective on life. This is why they give so much love and so much attention.

    I was delighted to see how my dad treated my son. And I'm happy to see my mum being such a great grandmother. Not the same person I remember from my childhood for sure.

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  • That's because your kids are YOUR responsibility. You were your parents responsibility. Now you are no longer their responsibility. And you have to deal with YOUR kids actions, not your parents.

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  • That's common. They dont have to deal with the difficult things of having kids now, only quality time.

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  • My mother does this with her grandchildren,and it hardly seems fair. My parents always said no to me,and now they're helping raise my niece and nephew into being spoiled,entitled jerks. My own grandparents basically ignored us grandchildren,never talked to us, never babysat us....nothing. One small gift on Christmas. I don't like it,and I don't get it.

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  • Im guessing they probably learned a lot of lessons raising you and they don't want to repeat the same mistakes they made with you on their grandkids.

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