Is it normal that my outfit made them uncomfortable?

So my boyfriend and I went to hang out with a friend of his. His friend brought his girlfriend and several of his friends who also brought their significant others. They all have kids and they all managed to find babysitters, so no kids present.

Everyone is wearing pants and long sleeve clothing. I'm wearing a fishnet shrug and fishnet stockings with a red plaid skirt and a black tank top over it.

We're all having a good time and at some point my boyfriend's friend pulls me aside and asks if I can either put my long cloak back on or please leave since my clothing is making some of the women uncomfortable. He wouldn't tell me which people complained about me when I asked. I figured I should just leave since my night felt ruined after that.

I told my boyfriend and we headed for the door. Before we leave he purposely says in a loud voice: I don't know who complained about you, but you look lovely! These fat fupa bellied women are just pissed off that they need surgical intervention to even get the body you have! As for the men, y'all wish your wives still looked like her!

We leave to my car but we can hear everyone getting loud hooting and hollering like monkeys at a zoo over what my boyfriend said. I hit the gas as soon as we got in the car. I don't think they're friends anymore.

Is this normal? There wasn't any kind of dress code told to us for this thing beforehand. Also they say the first impression is a lasting one and they left a bad one on me.

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  • Weird ego-stroke fantasy story post
    “Did I mention everyone else was super ugly and I’m super hot btw ?”

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    • It would have been a lot better if he had just left it at "I don't know who complained about you but you look lovely" without going into petty bitch mode like he did. He fucked up what should have been an easy mic drop moment

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  • Some fan fic?

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  • What an interesting way to fish for compliments.

    I commend your inventiveness in being pathetic.

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  • You haven't met these people or been at a gathering with them before. "May" have been better to tone things down just a notch until you knew or had met them.

    You didn't say it was a party you said hang out at their house. I may have appreciated the outfit you had on, however, I see this quite often these days. To some people dressing up for an occasion means their favorite outfit and what they think they look good in or feel good in. Nothing really wrong with that. Even my daughter would so up at church and job interviews, in her clubbing outfit. In her defense it was, as far as she was concerned, the only 'good' clothes she owned.

    To some hanging out means relaxing and dressing down, playing games, BBQ, and kicking back put the feet up on the couch and relax, especially to couples with children. Date night is a little different. Dress up were going to turn some heads especially each other's.

    Your outfit sounds great to me, however, I would probably ask you to tone it down if we were going to a company banquet or picnic. There are just places clubbing attire may not be fully the desired outfit, no matter how much the other guys there may like it.

    Let me ask, why were you wearing that outfit to a friend's house to hang out.
    Because; that's how your guy likes it. You were trying to turn heads, you thought it was a special night and just wanted to dress up. Hanging out with friends means party to you. You are use to all single/dating type gatherings?

    My way of getting through these things is to wear something or maybe nothing, under the appropriate clothing for the event. Nothing's more of a turn on for me and my SO, or if I'm looking for someone, than a long social dress with seamed nylons and crotchless lace panties underneath.


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  • Some people cannot handle legitimate competition. They need to grow up.

    No one should be made to feel ashamed for dressing nicely, and you were not dressed improperly for the occasion.

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