Is it normal that my moms breath almost made me vomit?

So my mom was trying to talk to me and I almost threw up her breath was so ghastly to the point where I also wanted to pass out.

It was like extremely foul to the point where I had to move away from her.

It was as gross as her never showering.

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  • She probably blew your dad just before.

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  • I noticed that the older people get, the less they give a shit about things. They basically just let themselves go. Idk how they can't smell themselves. XD

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  • Life tip: If you stop showering and brushing your teeth, you won't smell other peoples' foul odors.

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  • Well.. it's normal in the sense that some people have terrible breath.. But it's not normal because it is caused by a bacteria on the tongue that you can't get rid of by simply brushing your teeth. She needs special treatment to get her breath back to normal.

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  • Is she abusing substances?

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  • There a dude who posts on here that would love ur mom for it

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