Is it normal that my first memories are dreams?

My very first memory is falling through a hole from the sky in a dream, which is pretty weird for obvious reasons. After I fell through the hole it went black, I remember nothing after that. My first conscious memory was when I was 2 and I listened to music on my dads Walkman, however I remember my dreams from before that. I wonder if the earliest thing that people remember is also dreams instead of a conscious memory.

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  • My first memory was watching the Rug Rats TV show in the living room of my house.

    Second memory is opening a spider book at 5 and thinking "oh wow I cant wait to learn how to read to see what this means"

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  • I tried sharing my first memories with my parents and they said none of those things happen. So maybe they were dreams?

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  • My first memory was pitch blackness for about 40 seconds as the world slowly faded into existence.

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