Is it normal that my ed decides who i can love?

I've gone on several dates with guys, but I only develop feelings for the men who made it easy for me to fast while we spend time together.

The "voice" thingy in my head would convince to dislike the men who had had me eat (or binge) during our dates, however, the men I starved around were absolutely worth my time.

I even particularly like men who don't mind eating alone in restaurants. Because then I don't have to be forced to join them for there own comfort.

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  • You need a better doctor or you are going to die.

    This isn't surprising.

    You need a nutritionist/therapist who can help you not wreck your heart, bones, and brain.

    I don't need to tell you that its a quick slippery slope to being confined to a hospital bed unable to hold down water, and if trying to walk you could fracture a hip.

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    • Please get healthy there are many recovery success stories and you won't know what motivation feels like before you just call a doc.

      ED does not prevent you from seeking good medical care.

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  • A woman who isn't looking for a free meal. Amazing.

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