Is it normal that my cat sleeps in really odd places?

I find her sleeping on top of the piano, on my computer keyboard, on my desktop and sometimes on top of the sofa in my house. Is that normal?

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  • Your lap top is warm, warmth is like love to a cat!

    And other random places are normal too, look at your house more like a recreation of the wild than like a house, a piano makes a great plateau from which to nap and feel safe from predators

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  • Some cats do that. My cat always wants to sleep right next to me under the covers, and with his head on the pillow, or he sleeps on couch in front of the television.

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  • You completely misunderstand things. The cat is not yours. You belong to the cat; and are there to serve it. The cat makes the rules...

    It is not your position to question what the cat does.

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  • Ya its a cat. They do cat stuff

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  • Your cat is mimicking you. Seriously if you buy a crappy replica of a computer your cat will default to that computer just to copy you.

    Cats are copy cats.

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  • My experience is that dogs are happiest if they have one or two set places where they can make a comfortable nest to sleep, while cats are completely unpredictable when it comes to where they sleep, and they frequently change their sleeping places.

    I suspect both these things are instinctive traits that are the result of evolution. Dogs are social animals, and it's beneficial for members of a group of social animals to always be aware of where other members of the pack are likely to be. Cats are territorial, and once they feel they've claimed a particular area, it's beneficial for them not to be too predictable in where they'll be found. Not only does this make it more difficult for them to be found by a predator who's looking for a meal, it makes it less likely that some intruder will be able to sneak into their patch without them noticing.

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  • Yes it is.

    It is cute for everyone.

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  • My kittens sleep in very odd places also.

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  • A lot of cats will sleep basically anywhere. It's totally normal

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