Is it normal that my bottle of water has a nutrition label but beer bottles don't?

It's common knowledge that water has zero calories so what's the point?

I've used to have friends who thought beer didn't have calories because there's no nutrition label and they all got fat from drinking. I stopped hanging around them because they had anger issues. But anyway, beer does have calories if they got a beer guts from it, so what's the point of not having a label on it?

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  • I thought its because beer is often sold by the case thus isnt marked for individual sale ie no nutritional data.

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  • Alcohol is exempt from food labeling laws in most countries because its an optional recreational beverage with its own laws controlling its production and distribution.

    Some times bottled water has minerals and other additives added, and is usually included in the food labeling laws as it is a required drink to sustain life.

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