Is it normal that motorcyclers dont notice the noise

I have very sensitive hearing and I wonder all the time how does people who ride the motocycle not get pain in the ears and hearing loss??? I googled this about the helmets and they do not protect the hearing... I feel some pain in my ear everytime a motorcycle or moped woosh past me outside and I stare at them and I wonder why they wanna think its fun to lose your hearing. :(

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  • What??!

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  • It’s actually safer my motorcyclists to have loud bikes Bc they can be hard to see but easy to hear.

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  • Hah! As an ex-biker, they hear it and they love it. Part of riding is that you attract attention with a shiny loud bike.

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  • they hear the noise, they dont care if its loud or if you dont like it. they think its cool and will not quit until someone passes a law of noise ordinance against it and they get arrested.

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  • The consensus seems to be that motorcyclists do risk long-term hearing loss, but it's wind-noise that's the problem rather than the blatting or roaring their exhausts. That's mainly a serious annoyance for everyone who's nearby when the look-at-me-everybody! fools roll by.,_wind_noise_and_hearing_loss

    Kinda like how the noise level behind a jet plane is much greater than what it is in front of the engines, the noise of a motorcycle's engine is directed back behind the bike when it's moving.

    Of course, when you're young, there's a tendency to believe that you're immune to any such problems and only a pussy worries about something like hearing loss when they're fifty or sixty. And, of course, a significant number of motorcyclists never have to worry about hearing loss in their later years because they kill themselves with stupidity long before they get that old.

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  • Maybe they notice, but just don't care? I dunno.

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