Is it normal that most of the people i work with seem stupid and shallow?

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, I really do.

But my workplace just seems to be full of cliquey people laughing at their own in-jokes amd gossiping and whispering. They're like copies of each other. Their voices sound the same. They have the same hard, unexpressive faces that display humour, irritation, boredom or nothing. They don't like anything 'different' or 'new'. No raw, genuine emotion seems to move them. They don't seem to question anything - least of all, themselves. They just accept, or criticise.

Is it legitimate to dislike people for this, or is it stuck up?

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  • My workplace calls for a particular person. As do most. If it’s not the place for you, it’s the environment and you probably need a different one.

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  • Sometimes it's just your attitude. Others have their own, very real feelings. I know that I know a guy who seems to be the happiest, most outgoing guy ever. On the surface, him, his gf, and some others I know seem shallow too. But a lot of them have their own struggles, and own interests too. I don't care for hockey, but one of my friends loves it. We don't love being friends - more friends for necessity - but we understand our differing personalities.

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  • Yeah I feel ya. I rarely can relate to other people and what they talk about and often they seem shallow (with a few exceptions), everyone liking the same shows, the same movies, listening to the same generic music, complaining about work, gossiping and talking about how drunk they're gonna get during the weekend. Same old, nothing that sticks out.

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  • Are you sure its not just that you might have a real high opinion of yourself.?

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  • Yeah, that's pretty much how people in most workplaces are.

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  • Quit.

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  • You are exactly like them dude.

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  • I don't see how your work is any different from the rest of the world. That is basic human behavior everywhere.

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