Is it normal that me and my partner are obsessed with each other?

My partner and I both have pretty severe mental health problems that we're working through together. Over the past few months, I think things have certainly gotten better due to therapy and medication. We're always open with each other to communicate and express our feelings so that we can continue being happy. I think we are happy! The issue here is that we both have Borderline Personality Disorder, and are incredibly obsessed with each other to the point of codependency. We're currently long-distance, and are in drastically different time zones. For most of my day, he is asleep. For most of his, I am. We can only talk in the evenings right now, but we have a plan to move in together once my living situation is more stable. It's beginning to get more painful when we have to spend time apart, though we still get to spend about half our day together. I have early morning class and it hurts to be apart when I know he is awake. This may sound a bit ridiculous, but it's beginning to physically hurt my heart and make me sad and distressed when we're apart too long. It'll also be at least two years before we can move in together. I hate that I don't know what I should do, because even if it's taking a slight toll on my mental health, I never want to let go of him. We're perfect for each other in every way, and I haven't been in a relationship this loving in years. I can't bring myself to take a break to maybe focus on ourselves, but it's beginning to make me more and more upset that we have to wait. This is long and ramble-y, but I appreciate it if anyone actually reads this. Thank you.

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  • I think a love so deep is a beautiful thing but it doesn’t seem like it’s very healthy for u to be so dependent on them. Maybe talk to ur therapist about it and find ways to stay happy without them being physically there with u all the time.

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  • Honestly, this sounds quite nice. I can see the pitfalls that may come with it, but at least you got eachother ya know

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