Is it normal that lying pisses me off

Why do people lie? I'll never understand really! Lying doesn't solve anything and it gets people into worse situations rather than straight up being honest! The worst thing about lies; people gravitate towards them and run away from truths. I honor honesty even if it's uncomfortable. If people don't like me, so what?! If people disagree with me in regards to a topic, again so what?! At least I know the person is being authentic rather than fake.

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  • There's liars, and there's people who tell lies sometimes. Liars can go to hell. People who lie sometimes are ok, I mean...everybody lies to a degree. It's more the motivation and impact that matters to me.

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  • Actually you're wrong. Being honest isn't everything. Tbh Honesty can actually get you into more trouble than lying can.

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  • If someone lied to me I'd be unimpressed.

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  • Lying is one of the things I look out for but don't always let on that I notice. I'll give the benefit of the doubt if it's plausible there's a morally just reason for lying, but I zoom in on lies that seem to be out of the convenience or benefit of the liar

    Lying turns me off people because usually it just shows how culpable they could be in deceiving or manipulating me. At that point someone transforms from an asset to a liability

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  • There's times when you should lie. But yes I agree mostly.

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