Is it normal that i wonder why religious nuts protest pride?

So a couple years ago my room mate and I went to the gay pride parade. Well we went last summer too anyways.

in summer 2017 there was some small group of religious nuts with signs and a megaphone, talking about how we needed to convert.

Basically they were being mocked. Like gay couples standing there kissing right in front of the church nuts.

But anyways, when religious whack jobs hold these kinds of things, do they really expect someone to go up and say, "Oh yes, I wish to be forgiven of my sinful ways! How can I quit being such an abomination and live for the lort?"

I mean damn, some LGBT do go to church. They are out there, and the way to know it is a gay-friendly is only half the congregation is kneeling.

So why do the "anti-gay" christian people even bother where they are not wanted?

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  • Its normal. I protest fat dikes. Lesbians should be fit and hot. The sloppy lesbos are an abomination.

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    • With an lot of them though, you cannot even tell they are lesbians, they just look like regular men.

      BTW, who was the [old memory] that also responded here?

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    • Personally, I think, fat, overweight, southern men are an abomination. If they aren't hot and muscular, why do they even deserve to live? /s

      Seriously, since when did someone's existence revolve around how attractive they are to you?

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  • Pride is a sin in the Hebrew bible.

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  • I think protesting by marching and holding banners isn't very successful generally. It's more about the person doing something that makes them feel good. So the gay people get out there and march because it makes them feel good (as they should, pride is awesome) and then the religious folk who think it's terrible go out and protest against it because that makes them feel good.

    If you really think about what your aims are then protesting stuff in the streets is usually pointless. In most cases that's not how you bring about real change. I guess it makes people feel heard though.

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  • Because they’re threatened by social change. And probably like the false sense of superiority from being the “right” orientation.

    I think they should get a life too OP.

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