Is it normal that i wasted $5 on a super caht that never got noticed?

On youtube, I sent a $5.00 super chat but it was missed and the creator never read my chat....... I feel sad. I just wanted him to read my comment and give his opinion.... :(

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  • Donate because you like the cause, not to get noticed. Then if you get noticed, it's a bonus. That's what I'd try to do.

    They doubtless will notice it, once the livestream has ended.

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  • Only donate to causes you believe in, and not for the purpose of recognition. If you want paw-sitive attention spend time with a Golden Retriever! 🥰

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  • It also annoys me this same thing the other day. I was watching this youtuber and they were doing a livestream Q&A thing, but they never answered my question, they were only answering people who paid super chat, and I have no way of paying for things online and it's really unfair

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  • I usually donate when I feel like it, most of the times for me it gets noticed and they're like " Thank you for donating! ", which puts a smile on my face. I am not those guys who donate way too much.

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