Is it normal that i was scared of fire alarms when i was younger?

I remember when I was 7 years old and we had our first fire drill at school. The fire alarm was so loud that it scared me absolutely shitless. I started crying and in a panic, I fled out before everyone else.

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  • I was afraid of dogs when I was small. One time when this little, white poodle was was walking around the schoolyard, it barked, I ran, fell down and skinned my knee, but it was totally worth it, because then my parents got me my first dog!

    Little Rosie, turning lemons into muthafuckin lemonade, ya'll! Hell yeah!

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  • I would run away at the sudden sound of a car horn beeping.

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  • Yes. That was me at one point in my childhood. I was absolutely terrified of fire alarms as a kid.

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  • Well yeah, smoke or fire alarms go off suddenly and loudly.

    Plus, it is in animal nature to freak out over loud or sudden noises unless the animal is fully aware of the cause and it is not too sudden AND is expecting it.

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  • Yes. I don’t like them either.

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  • Fire alarms are loud. Kids typically don't like loud noises whether it be an alarm, animal or machine.

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