Is it normal that i want to start a gaming console brand?

I've had this thought recently, of creating a console brand to try to compete with Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation. It sounds like a fun project. What do you think of this idea?

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  • I think you’d need a huge team, an absurd amount of capital for start up, and far more skill than you likely possess to do that.

    “Might go try and put xbox out of business on the weekend”

    “Oh, that’s nice dear”

    *goes back to reading the paper

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  • The system is the easy part. Getting good games for it and people to buy it is the hard part

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  • You basically just have to have enough money to convince gaming companies to put their games on your hardware. The issue is that Playstation and Xbox are slowly buying up the exclusivity rights to a bunch of games.

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  • It's also hard to come up with a unique name.

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  • Theyre basically just little computers with their very own operating systems

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    • Yeah, so it can't be that hard to make them.

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  • Go ahead and don't give up, you can do this

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