Is it normal that i want to seduce my father-in-law?

I got married last year and I live with my in-law's. Hubby has to work as a truck driver so we could get our own house. He wanted me to stay with his parents to avoid paying rent until he comes back. As I didn't have much choice, I accepted. His mom never liked me since the day we met and I knew that. His dad is totally opposite as he adores me a lot.
As I moved with them, I found out that their marriage has been ruined long time ago and they just acted in front of people. They don't even sleep together. My FIL is dating another woman and brings her home at night. I was shocked. But that's not all.
Few nights ago, I heard a noise and went to see what's going on. I entered the living room and saw his mistress on top of my MIL, slapping her face while my FIL was laughing. I didn't know what to do, but I certainly liked that. FIL asked me to join them which I did. I was watching my MIL getting her a** whooped by my FIL's mistress. FIL noticed the excitement in my eyes and told me he would love to see me beat my MIL up. I felt strange at the moment, but it turned me on.
FIL said that I should try and asked his mistress to get off of my MIL.
My MIL slowly got up, I came close to her and gave her a hard slap in the face. She tried to fight back, but I kept slapping her faster and harder. The feeling was awesome. She fell on the floor next to my legs.Carried by the energy I put my bare foot on my MIL's face and smothered her. My FIL and his mistress laughed hard. When I saw my FIL's face admiring me for what I was doing to my MIL, I got really turned on. I don't know if I should try something to seduce him as our relationship became stronger after that.

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  • Totally normal. Everyone does this.

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    • Twice a week if I can!

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      • This year i'm gonna step my game up and make it three times a week. It's not gonna be easy tho - female Hitler is cruising on souped up E-Wheels EW-66 3-wheeled 2-seater electric scooter, with a top speed of 20+ mph...

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  • Its not even almost realistic

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  • Weird ass bdsm fantasy.

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  • I almost always take OPs at face value, but this one reeks of bullshit.

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  • Sorry for the length of this post. But I think you will find it worthwhile.

    Yes, it's actually normal to fall for someone else; and a lot of people get turned on by BDSM and other similar activities, which is also normal.

    The question is how do you navigate your marriage with your husband.

    Marriage is about a lot more than sex (I've only met one person in my life who married just to have sex); however, many people tie sexual satisfaction and sexual expectations to their marriage.

    The biggest component to marriage that I have found is Honesty. Most people can work out most any issue if there is honesty about the issue and effects. Although that often takes time, lots of discussion, and may require a counselor to assist and educate you.

    Suggest that you discuss the event with him and how you enjoyed it. That you would like to try similar things with him. See how he reacts.

    He may even give you permission and agree to at least a partially open marriage. Expect him to ask for his own freedoms.

    Key if you open the marriage is to set some rules on how it will work (who, how often, where, extent, does each of you meet them, etc). You specifically need to come to agreement on what happens when there is a pregnancy and child, STDs, or even a UTI that gets transmitted from sexual contact - which can happen). Also discuss each of your personal fantasies.

    There's a lot involved (it took me and my wife 3 months to learn about the issues and negotiate the rules and expectations for our open marriage: They have worked (and we are both free to complete our personal fantasies if we every find ourselves in a close match to that fantasy situation (in our cases that would be a rare event).

    I suggest the book: "More than Two" by: Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert. The book is sub titled "A practical guide to ethical polyamory."

    I wish you well with this...

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