Is it normal That I Walk Around Singing

I play a few instruments also. But I constantly sing, and I can't help but sing when I am walking around, on my own or with people. I don't know how to get out of this habit. Is it normal? Do you know anyone that does this or am I a fucking freak? Would you judge me if you seen me doing this?

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  • I am a dancer and a singer so I dance around and sing all the time wherever I am. Its fun and normal.

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  • Carry on!

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  • I know an old guy that does this I just find it funny but I don't look at him as a freak

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  • Depends how well or badly you sing: does anyone complain about it?

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    • No one complains about it, I can sing well. I was wondering if people thought it was strange, especially when I'm out in public on my own. Sometimes I try to be quiet but I can be loud.

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