Is it normal that i've faced descrimination all my life because i'm bisexual?

Ever since I came out as bisexual in my 20's I've faced slams, mistreatment and insults. I don't openly discuss it, but it gets out through gossip and I don't think it's fair.

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  • Yep, I’m trans/pan and people are very rude, lots of death threats and the like

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  • Your homosexuality is a mental illness that is not natural to human biology or the preservation of future generations. That is why you people are not treated as equal or made fun of. Your movement also shoves your views down our throats. You want equality yet want more rights than others just because of your sexuality. You demand more from your communities and governments. You want to be treated like everyone else yet have parades that throw it in peoples faces, sexualize literally everything in media, and demand that religions and cultures that do not accept your lifestyle to be burned to the ground. Isn’t being loved and accepted what you wanted in the first place? But if someone else disagrees with you then they must be ostracized? You don’t want equality. Stop encouraging your mental illness. Seek help or shut the fuck up. Almost the entire world fucking hates you guys.

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    • Stfu not all lgbt people are like that

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    • First of all, I did not choose to be the way I am, God only knows and I have kept it from every one tho I love it when called names that reflect on what I do. We are not all alike, I live a completely straight life (you would never suspect) 2 wives, 5 kids all normal I guess yet every now and then I get the urge for men to have sex with me and it's over till the next time, I'm just fucked up. However in my married life my first wife desired much more sex than I and I have a very small penis so I just let her have other men and after a while I began to enjoy it. The stage was already set for the second wife, she was 24 years younger and jumped at the chance

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    • hey look

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  • Not totally disagreeing, but that's not why there's a double-standard.

    The double-standard is there because lesbians are women, and straight men are men. Putting yourself into the mind of a bigot, one of those things remains attractive and female, so you're not going to get all that angry about it. Women in general are treated more delicately by men. You don't punch a woman. The other one is a man, though, so not only are they expected to be able to "take it", they're thought of as being unmanly and therefore weak and therefore deserving of devaluation and ridicule. A lesbian isn't generally considered to be less of a woman by straight men, and even if she looks like she is, well... that means she's ugly. We want no part of it and it's none of our business. Other men, however, are our business.

    (I'm playing devil's advocate here, don't shoot me.)

    This stuff's innate. It's not caused by watching lesbian porn. Even if porn didn't exist, you would observe this exact same behavior.

    Also, I don't feel like there's a need to warn people away from the site. I really haven't seen much of any anti-gay rhetoric here, especially against bi people. Anti-trans, yes, but not anti-gay. Maybe it happens more in the Member Chat or something?

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  • Thank you for the warning.

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