Is it normal that i tipped the most ever when my pizza was dropped in the snow?

So i ordered a pizza at 2 am last night (because I'm falling apart)
The pizza guy shows up pushing on 3am.

Its really snowy out and he doesn't slip or anything..but he somehow manages to drop the pizza, bread sticks, and sauce cups into the snow as he's taking it out of his bag.

None of the boxes opened from the fall but they got a bit wet from the snow and we both had to hunt around for the sauce cups, that had disappeared into the snow.

After, I signed the receipt and tacked a %40 tip onto the bill. Is it normal that i decided to tip large in this situation? How much would you have tipped/what would you have done?

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  • You, my dear, are a sweetheart, and you deserve good things in life!

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    • thanks ms. golden rose

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  • I tend to tip more if someone is really trying and I feel sorry for them, even if they fuck it up

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  • Its because yall built a little relationship in that few moments. I tend to tip more if they're old or if theyre a very hot girl. I quit going to the bar because I kept tipping the hot waiter 100 on a 20 dollar ticket. Im rich tho

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  • Thanks for having a heart. Delivery is a tough job and nothing was lost. Kudos to your generosity.

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  • I wouldn't be so nice.

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  • Hahaha that's so nice & awesome. I'm sure you made his totally shit day better!

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