Is it normal that i think windows vista was beautiful?

The operating system was bad, but there is one thing about it thought that I really appreciate, and that is the aesthetic it had. I'd go as far as to say that Vista was the most beautiful-looking version of Windows to date. Windows 7 was basically a more boring-looking version of it.

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  • I miss XP

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  • I though that Millennium XP was the ultimate. It seemed to go downhill afterward, as did Word and Excel. They tried to make them anticipate what you wanted to do, which wound up being 1 huge pain in the butt.

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  • I loved XP and Vista.

    But what I also loved the most was Windows 2000.

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  • 7 was the last good functional version without bein loaded with horseshit spyware 'helpful automatic' stuff that i immediatelyturn off & apple wannabe built-for-morons control overlays

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  • I liked it, too. My first personal laptop was a Vista and I loved how many personalization options there were for the look as well. I absolutely loved playing with different colors with the Windows Classic theme as well. The options were endless!

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