Is it normal that i think vore is fucked up?

Reasons why I think vore is messed up because its disturbing and it involves people being eaten which is pretty messed up in my opinion.

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  • Of course vore is.....

    I'm not surprised.

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  • Many people who are into vore see it as an experience that bonds the predator and prey, or as a way to dominate; by swallowing another they become as physically close with each other as possible, the prey is out of reach and safe (sometimes, depending) and kept all to the predator’s self, forever (again, depends on the type of vore). I get how it can seem romantic to some.

    Vore fetishes may have correlation with childhood loneliness or abandonment issues. It’s pretty harmless, many people who like it are only into it in fantasy scenarios and don’t want to experience it in real life, like by eating small animals for example.

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  • Of course it is fucked up.

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  • Yes, vore is fucked up, and unhealthy. I support your assertions with regard to vore!

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  • It's definitely really niche. Standard vore is just the tip of the iceberg though, there are even more niche derivations of vore that are actually profoundly nauseating. You'd have to be a real next-level philosopher to appreciate something like cock vore, for example

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