Is it normal that i think the german language sounds kinda cool?

It's not beautiful, but it's certainly cool. Sounds kinda robotic if you ask me.


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  • I think it sounds cool but I also laugh when I hear German accents and think 'that sounds pretty gay lol'

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  • I studied it in high school, I thought it was a lot cooler then but it just sounds goofy to me now. I always had an interest in foreign languages but I grew up without the internet so I wasn't exposed to much actual speaking, just books mostly, and movies such as National Lampoons European Vacation. As an adult, now I get to hear all kinds of languages online so my opinions on them have changed a bit.

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  • Sounds like total shit.

    Sounds like a typewriter, wrapped in tinfoil, being kicked down stairs.

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  • Ja deutsch ist geil.

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  • If spoken correctly, it has a noble Gothic sound which no other Germanic language has. I studied it for 4 yearz, and it's hard to speak well.

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