Is it normal that i think the color black symbolizes sadness?

No I am not talking about the race, I am simply talking about the color black.

If it is normal to think it means sadness and lonliness, is it a normal thing to symbolize it as that?

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  • You're gonna get some answers about black, so let me start by saying the essence of black depends on if you're asking a scientist or artist

    A scientist will say black is the absence of color, as white light encompasses all colors

    An artist will say black is all of the colors, because when you mix all their pigments together they turn black

    Historically black represents power, and the antithesis to pure white as sullied black

    Black can also highlight emptiness, like in a black and white photo, you also have black holes which are voids

    I think it's normal to associate colors with feelings, I do that too. Sometimes I'll paint my nails a really cool color if I want a boost. Surrounding yourself with colors that are sentimentally important will make you think and feel more in tune with them

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  • It’s grim, like grey, not sad.

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  • It's the absence of light and we associate lightness with happiness and such, so black would be the opposite.

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  • I don't think it's an uncommon association. We wear black at funerals for a reason

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    • Mourning black. Or perhaps death has always been represented as black. You never see bright pink as a representative of death.

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  • I'd say its normal. Many people have their own interpretation of colors. I see black as all colors because when the lights go out, every color can seem black. XD

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  • Black is the color of mourning. Memento morti.

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  • Always thought a burgundy red would be the color of sadness not depression. Depression is definitely a dark blue.

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  • I love black.

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