Is it normal that i think escorts are better than girlfriends and wives?

There seem to be very few, if any, benefits for men who choose to be in relationships.

An hour with an escort costs the same as dinner and the flicks, and the escort will never argue with you. You just pay her rate, have your fun, and leave.

You can argue that escorts are promiscuous because of their job, but so are a lot of women these days. It's kind of even as far as that goes, it's just that regular women don't charge for their promiscuity. With escorts it's a business arrangement.

As men, we're expected - not just wanted - to work hard, provide for, and protect our wives and girlfriends. Escorts give us so much more of a return on our investment.

Don't even get me started on marriage, either. That's a whole other level of financial and emotional sodomy.

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  • Actually, a fuck buddy is the best of both worlds. The fact that she is having her fun with you for free should raise your self-esteem a bit.

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  • You have a distorted view of girlfriends and wives, at best.

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  • I trust my girlfriend to not stab me when I sleep.

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  • If you just want sex, sure, book an escort. I've done it before, but for me it's no comparison to people who know me and with whom I have a relationship of trust.

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  • There's a very old saying: "The woman you date for fun are totally different than the woman you date for marriage."

    If all you are looking for is fun... Then escorts are an expensive way to have it - with no strings attached.

    It's when you are looking for more than that... that escorts will not do.

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  • Hoes have their place in this world I never look down on them but a society also needs to have children to sustain itself. And you must ask yourself if the escort is capable of rising your child. She's probably not built for it but still benefits society with what she does in a way. But if you never have kids escorts are fine and you may even develope a friendship. But if everyone just started using whores instead of marrying society would collapse

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  • I think they definitely can be, for the reasons you stated. Escorts are very expensive though, to the point of being exploitative. The traditional method of hooking up with a stranger though (going to a nightclub) is also very expensive and time-consuming, and you only have a chance of success rather than being guaranteed sex, so I can see why escorts would be preferable to that. However there are apps nowadays that you can use to hook up with someone, for free. So I'd say that would be the better option (admittedly I haven't tried them though so I don't know how good they are).

    I wouldn't say there's no benefits to having a girlfriend over visiting an escort though. If you're looking for actual love, you'd need a girlfriend. With an escort, it's just a straight business transaction, no emotions involved. It'd still be nice don't get me wrong, but there's no deeper connection there like you could get with a girlfriend. There are guys who frequently visit the same escort and think that they have a special connection with her, but they're deluding themselves. The escort is letting them think that way so that they'll keep coming back, rather than visit a different escort, so she'll get more money. That's what she cares about. She may not be a horrible person, she may not tell the guy to go and jump off a bridge if he ran out of money, but she wouldn't be interested in him anymore. She is taking advantage of him though if she knows that he believes there's something special between them, and that's why he keeps squandering his money on her, so that is wrong.

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