Is it normal that i think children shouldn't be allowed on planes?

Every plane that I have ever boarded has had atleast one screaming child on it. It's f***ing annoying!! Why should the rest of the passengers have to listen to this crap for hours? Fuck! Atleast reduce the price for the other passengers for having to endure that shit.

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  • That's what the overhead compartment is for. They need to start counting kids as luggage and babies as carry-ons.

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    • Completely agree.

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    • Overhead cargo?, I would put them in a crate and in the cargo area along with the loggage.

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  • Thats what ball gags are for! Their already drooling anyways might as well shut them up while ur at it.

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  • Having to hear other people's annoying kids in public is a part of life. Whining about it isn't going to change anything. Just put on some earbuds and listen to some music or a movie.

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  • Fly private. Or just put your earbuds in and quit crying.

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  • I ageee but I'm taking it a step farther. They shouldn't be allowed in ANY public places except for schools and daycares. They should be banned from shopping centers(any store in general) resturants and ALL public transportaion except for school buses. Don't get me wrong I like kids is the way they act up in public places that I don't like at all.

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  • Blah blah blah. Kids shouldn't be allowed on planes because your ears are inconvenienced. Never mind all the problems of substance that banning them from planes could cause.

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  • I understand it's annoying, but it's not really the children's fault. It's those parents who are oblivious to what their children do, that are the real culprits.
    Because children can be taught to behave and babies can be (even partially) calmed down.

    Seriously, if your baby is screaming away next to you and you're just casually shifting through the flight magazine, you deserve to be fined for disturbing the peace.
    If your children are running up and down the isles, kicking seats and disturbing people - you should be fined and taken off the plane!
    It's illegal to cruise up and down your street in your car a couple of times, while blaring loud music, but it's perfectly ok and legal to have your little beasties wreak havoc on a plane for 5 hours.

    Tho what's more annoying about flying are the stupid security checks. They take forever. You can drown out children's noise with earbuds, or enough whiskey and some sleep, but you can't speed up security.

    Why the hell do you want me to take off my shoes?! You think I got a miniature nuclear warhead in there, neurotoxin, virgin tears, or what?!
    Didn't I just go through one of those fancy 360 degree scanners?! What was that all about, if you still want me to take off my shoes, belt, empty my pockets, frisk me and search my bag again. "Oh the inhumanity, he didn't take out his laptop from his laptop carrying case to show us it's a laptop and not a grizzly bear"

    And somehow the dangerous types that smuggle stuff on planes still do it undisturbed, while the rest of us wait at the airport (sometimes more than the duration of the flight)

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  • I haven't been on a plane in years, so thankfully I'm not familiar with this particular issue. However, I really don't like being around poorly behaved children in public.

    I don't know how many times I've been in restaurants (including nice ones that don't even have kids' menus or high chairs) where kids have been shrieking and running around like wild animals. I don't see why parents allow that. I went to a restaurant once where a kid licked the ice cream machine, and it was so gross.

    I understand that kids will be kids, but at the same time parents need to be attentive and at least make an effort to stop unacceptable behavior.

    Sorry, rant over.

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  • I hate little kids on planes. People who have to sit within a certain distance of screaming infants should get a partial refund.

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