Is it normal that i tell people i don't know even though i know

Especially in class and education settings, for example, when i'm asked by the proffesor if I know how to turn on and set up a projector, i told him I don't know even though I know how to do it.
I think I just don't want the hassle so I always feign ignorance in a lot of situations.

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  • Yes, it's normal, and you can also do this in arguments in hopes of a man coming to your rescue.

    "Argue with me!!"
    "Huh? What does arguing mean? Can you explain to me? Sorry, I'm just dumb! UwU!!"

    Common tactic on IIN, primarily by little girls.

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  • You should feign ignorance when they talk about the holohoax in 'history' class. That would be funny.

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  • I tell people I don’t know while knowing full well that they probably know that I in fact know. I suspect that they know that I know they know I know…but I want them to know that.

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  • Every time somebody asks me if I wanna see a magic trick I always say, "NO"! I'm happy to say that since I have left Las Vegas I don't get asked that anymore. 🙂

    My maternal grandfather used to always say, "I don't know, and I don't care". Now I say it too.

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  • I know you know when you tell people you don't know and now everyone knows but they'll tell you they don't know when really they know you know.

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