Is it normal that i social disntaced before covid 19

Before covid19 I didn't like people so when I bought groceries. I would avoid people and pretend to look at stuff until people lefted the asle. Also at work I only try to talk about work and avoid people's personal life(also making plans with my co workers). Sometimes people make me so fucking uncomfortable for no reason but I pretend I am not bothered at all by people. But when I at work I act normal and not make plans but try to laugh and make conversation.

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  • you were doin it before it was cool

    youre a coronavirus hipster

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  • I was and is an extreme introvert to the point I was already staying at home all day before the pandemic. LMAOO

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  • Lol. My older sister used to wear a mask as a fashion statement before Coronavirus. She would go into shops and be asked to take it off. However now she's being asked to put it back on
    How the turntables.

    Y'all are waaaaaay ahead of your time!

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  • Same, I didn't even breathe people's air before covid, I would hold my breath when they pass by because they are too often stinky and I don't want their dirty particles in my nose

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  • That's just being an introvert.

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