Is it normal that i seriously cleaned my house one or twice for two years

I got so depressed and never cleaned my place for a while and then drank and case a day. Then got fired and still kept binging until I got hired at my current job(I kept my job for a year but only drink on my days off) and now I finally cleaned for 3 hours filled up two garbage begs full but only got my floors decluttered vaccumed, swept and mopped. I planned to clean every day until my whole place is cleaned. Thank fucking god I can't finally get this off my fucking chest because I still have dried puke from being so dam drunk that I couldn't get up and puke in the toilet. This secret caused lots of fucking stress and I could never invite people to visit me. Also I washed my dishes once every one or two months and got sick more then once because of that

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  • that's no way to live and you know it.

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  • bro just get a maid or something to clean damn

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  • That's pretty bad, but the good news is that you're making steps to get your place clean again, and hopefully keep it that way. As someone who has cleaned for a living, it's much easier to keep on top of it than to let it go. I like to clean up after myself as I go, as it makes my weekly cleaning so much easier and keeps things in good shape.

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  • Damn man thats not good.
    You could probably hire some cleaners and make some excuse say it was your cousins place and he died of overdose or something. Now you're cleaning it. Hell idk. Hope you get it cleaned up id help you clean if I could lol

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