Is it normal that i see my friend staring at me when i close my eyes?

After a session of a personal healing, i.e. crying and praying... his face appeared in front of my closed eye-lids. He was looking down at me(he is taller than me). With a very deep concentrating gaze... eyes locked, no exaggeration. .. Anyway, the same intense gaze appeared out of nowhere a few weeks later when I wanted to go to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, maybe 5 seconds, I could see his face and his stare so vividly. I hadn't even talked to him in weeks. He looks to be thinking and staring at me each time. I believe it happened once more as well.

I rarely ever see any thing so vividly in my head, not even to draw something. Is he doing anything spiritual-like for me to being seeing him like that? This has never happened to me before with anyone. And I come from a BIG spiritual family so yeah.

Fast forward to just a week ago or so, coincidentally, I was sleeping on the couch at his house. When I woke up, he was on his knees, his face in front of mines, staring at me. The same deep concentrating gaze. I asked him what he was doing but he waved the question away as he got up.

What does it mean? Is he sending me spiritual messages? Should I send some back?

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  • Is this the dude that fingers your butt then sniffs it

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  • He might be. Try meditating on it, alternatively just contact him.

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  • I’m sorry wait. Hold up. That last sentence. How would you send a spiritual message back to someone? How do you even send a spiritual message in the first place? I really want to know this.


    Screw it, go contact him. He’s in your head for a reason. Go find out.

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