Is it normal that i secretly want my friends to fail at school and do worse than me?

I'm a relatively normal guy.

I've had many friends and I've always felt the same way. It's not like I dislike them or anything, I enjoy being around them. Except I secretly hope they all fail in exams and do worse than me in other similar situations. I like feeling smarter than everyone.

I was wondering if this is just human nature which people hide, but it may not be.

Do you guys feel the same? Is it some sort of superiority complex?

I dont dislike myself for it either and nor do I feel guilt when something I wished for happened for real to them.

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  • Yea I had friends an family like that. jealous, lying, manipulative, trouble making POS. I would have better grade, better car, wateva, and it becomes more then them being jealous, they want me to fail and end up in the gutter. Thing is they would help this happen.

    I never understood it. I would always be proud and praise family or fiends for doing well or gaining nice things, but spin it around and this handful of people would get jealous and try and change the subject when I was showing them good grades or a nice house or car I got. When anything good happened they would run away and sook and try and hinder it somehow. I ended up getting these people out my life... But... I let them see my accomplishments on facebook because I know it shits them envious little bludgers.

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  • I'm glad you're not my friend. With friends like you who needs enemies? People like you make me glad that I've become somewhat introverted, and reclusive.

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  • It is human nature.

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  • Normal.

    I tutor homeless kids in my spare time and I'm like 90% sure it's because teaching makes me feel smart and not because I'm a nice person.

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  • Eh

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  • It depends on the situation - if you are on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares then it would be normal to want others to fail because there can only be one winner. Their failure aids your own success. When you're talking about grades in school this isn't normal because them getting bad grades doesn't help you at all. You need the grades that you need to do the things that you want to do. Your bad grades wont suddenly change and get you into med school just because your friend across the street failed math. Just work harder at school and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.

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  • The saying "Misery loves company," is said for a reason.

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  • It's not normal, but common and sadistic. I had a lot of friends like you. Backstabbers!

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  • Yeah, a lot of females do this to each other. Stop being a bitch. Lol

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