Is it normal that i really like the movie " interstellar "?

For some reason, lots of people seem to really dislike this movie. I don't see how, I think it's absolutely fantastic.

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  • It's one of my favorite movies. The scene where they slingshoted around the black hole was pure sci-fi ecstasy and the years of messages got me straight in the heart.

    I'm man enough to admit I had tears in my eyes when Murph said it's her birthday and Cooper being moments away from breaking down in tears. Imagine watching your kids grow up in what's a few hours for you, but years for them.

    Absolutely amazing movie, fantastic visuals and a score that gave you goosebumps.

    No wars between aliens and humans, no superpowers, no force... a harder sci-fi movie. Sure, the tesseract scene was weird, but still deep and emotional.

    I didn't know people disliked it... Most of my friends like it, my parents liked it... hell even my girlfriend liked it and she doesn't like sci-fi movies.

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  • It was hyped up a lot before release. Maybe it didn't live up to their expectations. Anyway I watched it like 2 years after it came out and really enjoyed it, though it did tend to drag a bit.

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  • They made us watch it in my high school astronomy class. I thought it was pretty cool, but I've never felt like I'd want to watch it since

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