Is it normal that i own a gas mask?

I recently got a cold-war military gas-mask from someone that my mom knows for some reason. I like scaring people with it.

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  • A friend of mine growing up had a gas mask that you'd smoke weed out of. It was actually terrifying to do. It would hit so fuckin hard it'd punch your soul. Its hard to explain. I felt reborn and shit. But not in a good way.

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  • The crowded future stings my eyes
    I still find time to exercise
    In uniform with two white stripes
    Unlock my section of the sand
    It's fenced off to the water's edge
    I clamp a gas mask on my head

    On my beach at night

    Bathe in my moonlight

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  • Cool.

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  • Sounds pretty cool, gas masks have always given me chills. Don’t watch the Dr Who episode “The Empty Child” if you want to sleep though.

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  • That is so awesome. If you have a kid, it would make for a great show-and-tell.

    If you don't, it would be worth redecorating your entire room military-style just to hang it on your wall as a centrepiece... or maybe not.

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