Is it normal that i no longer care that they're suiicidal?

The people I'm talking about will mooch off of, steal, lie, and hurt the ones they love. Then they attempt to off themselves which hurts their loved ones more. Then when it's an unsuccessful attempt they apologize, go to a rehab place, they come back and promise to be better. They then proceed to repeat the whole thing over again. Every Goddamn year. For self preservation purposes, I plan on changing my number and no longer will contact them. I don't hate these people but I just don't care about their well being anymore. The first couple of times they did this, I was terrified, now I want nothing to do with them. I don't want them asking for money, stealing from me, screaming at me, lying to me, or doing anything hurtful to me ever again.

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  • Same can be said about IIN. This isnt a help line, just a bunch of internet rogues.

    Hell I wont even say that suicide isnt an option. It's a completely valid option just my circumstances are a little higher of a bar.

    If you think death is worth it because you got a C in math you clearly haven't lived life, nor will you if you follow through.

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  • I care about people who are suicidal, what I don't care about are thieves!

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  • If someone doesn’t want to live, let them take their life.

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  • Few weeks ago a good friend of mine from highschool died of a heroine overdose and he was the same way. Tried to get him a job he said he didnt have a car to get to work so I gave him a car that still ran and he still wouldnt work.

    He'd throw a big pity party on facebook about how evil billionaires are and how depressed he was. I think the meth fried his brain and then the heroin just killed him. He was one of the smartest dudes at my school he managed to get a scholarship without studying. Intelligence doesnt mean you have common sense.

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    • Coming from an STEM focused family I second the inteligence does not equal common sense. Genetically everyone in my family is above average in inteligence. But for some reason common sense runs in my blood the most. I live the happiest lives compared to my brothers. Yet from the onset it looked like I would be the fuck up. Funny how you can play your cards.

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  • Same. I'm not completely done with them though. Depression is a bitch to deal with.

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  • Good.

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