Is it normal that i never cleaned under my foreskin?

I only found out you are supposed to do that by accident at age 20, read about it somewhere online. I never even bothered to pull it down that much so I saw my dickhead for the first time recently. Still working my way down though.
How are you supposed to know???
Even now that I started pulling down I still can't even expose my whole head, let alone get under it. Is this some kind of magic thing you learn though a guidebook that comes with your package???

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  • Fucking gross.

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  • If this isn't a troll post, it sounds like you could have a fused foreskin which is something that can happen at birth, but based on you saying you didn't know it slides like a sheath, I'd say in your case it's more likely that it became that way over time as you never pulled it back. If it is fused, there is a simple surgery to fix it.

    It's hard to believe you didn't know until you were 20, because it gets pulled back via erections and masturbation.

    If it isn't painful, keep working your way down. Wash it every time you bathe. If it's fused, you won't be able to wash under it anyway. Good luck with your newfound erogenous zone.

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    • It does not get pulled via erections and masturbation. When I get hard, it always stops at a certain point, beyond which I didn't know I was supposed to pull (but apparently am able to)

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  • Its kinda gross to have a dirty dick, but i guess if you have difficulty in fully retracting your foreskin then its unavoidable. What was your reaction when your head popped out that first time?,... Of course, thats aside from the cheese and the smell lol

    Were you disappointed when your foreskin wouldn't retract afterwards?

    I stumbled across the condition watching vids on the hub, girl exposes phimosis dick or something like that. So phimosis was a new word to me so as I'm an inquisitive sort of guy, i read up on it and learnt that its not as rare as i suspected, it can apparently be fixed by lubing 3 or 4 times a day to keep the foreskin soft and elastic or in extreme cases then circumcision is an option.

    Hope that helps, it was a while ago i read about it so its probably best to do some research of your owm

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    • I didn't manage to pull all the way down, so I still haven't seen cheese or smelled anything. Only exposed about 75% of my dickhead in total.
      It was what, 2 weeks ago or so?
      Well I felt weird that all these years I could pull down this far.
      And I do not have phimosis, that is a different condition.

      Regardless, I don't really bother trying to pull anymore since I'm used to jerking off the way I did it all these years. I do wonder if there's cheese or not though, heheheh

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  • I can smell the cheese from here, damn.

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