Is it normal that i might actually like this boy back?

My best male friend told me about this dude who has a crush on me. The boy smokes, curses more than he breathes, he sees every passing girl as a piece of meat, and he is not that smart or classy.
Few days ago, my bmf was with the boy -also called misterX by me because my bmf wouldn't tell me about his name- and misterX saw me carrying myself in the corridors of university and he said: beautiful. My bmf also told me that when he looked at me it wasn't sexual and he didn't even take his eyes off my face. Last night, I was informed that he is a repetitive while I am a sophomore and I got really pissed, cause now we literally have nothing in common. I guess, I, all along, just needed an excuse for my burning desire to get to know him and understand him? I won't say that I have a crush on him, BECAUSE I DO NOT KNOW HIM - never saw the dude- but the mention of his nickname releases butterflies in my stomach. I spent 3 days daydreaming about him, and I haven't been sleeping properly, because I keep thinking about him, but I am not tired.
So, yeah, that is it.

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  • If you really are that interested try to talk to him. Maybe he is great, maybe he sucks. Once you know then you'll be able to feel normal again without feeling crazy

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    • But once we talk and he turns out to be bad, there is no undoing it. He might start considering me another piece of meat and I will lose the respect he has for me.

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  • Sounds like you just got the hot's for him. Screw him and you can get over it.

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