Is it normal that i'm "offended" more easily these days

Because there's so many sick fucks out there I can't tell who's joking or not anymore?

I used to be really into offensive humor because I knew it was just jokes/fake but nowadays there's so many seriously hateful people out there they kinda ruin it.

I have seen plenty of sick shit in my life and even laughed at some of it. but it's become so commonly accepted now that it's not even shocking anymore and that's just kinda sad to me especially since a lot of it is done by children/young teens or very sad people.

...And I'm sure I'm going to get people on here bitching about "political correctness" and "safe space" bullshit, but that's Ironic because the people who try so hard to be offensive are the ones who obviously took the most offense to some real or perceived mistreatment in their past and are now bitter and insecure about it.

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