Is it normal that i'm looking forward to being old?

Like I know people are scared at the thought of aging and getting old and dying and honestly the thought of dying scares me too. I'm talking about the part before the health problems kick in or the part where I'm not able to take care of myself. But I actually look forward to getting old and not having to worry about work, like when I'm old I can just be retired, I won't have to worry about nun, well until my health starts going but I'm talking about before that, how it will be peaceful to just be an old person, not have to work or go anywhere, and I always imagine I can just sit doing crosswords, or knitting and hanging out with the kids and grandkids, especially since I'm an old soul anyway. I have never felt like I fit in with young people around me as my interests are seen as more outdated. I used to hang out with my gran in the old folks home and all the old people there were so friendly, and seem like they didn't have a care in the world, and sometimes even tell me stories about their lives and I actually listened. And no I don't care about aging or losing my looks, I'm ugly anyway!! So yeah is it normal to actually look forward to being an old person?

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  • I hate it. I have alot of things I wanna do but I cant do them when I'm old. It involves being young and healthy to live that lifestyle. But when I'm finally financially able to travel 24 7 and have boats and stuff Ill be washed up. I wish I made the money I make now in my early 20s now I'm playing catch up.

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  • You said “gran” so I’ll assume you’re English. I think you’ll actually get to enjoy old age. And it sounds like a little garden compared to being American.

    AMERICANS, unless you retire with money you become owned by the state and they don’t care. Fuck yourself. Try to die as comfortable as possible.

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  • I'm 56, and looking forward to being able to retire and not have to work. Only nine more years to go, if I choose to wait that long.

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  • I am not available to see the you have yuuyyttyr

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