Is it normal that i'm ignoring my aged mother because of a freeloader?

Here's the deal. My mother's 94 and lives alone in a big house because she chooses to. Well on 1 of her walks in tge mall, she got hooked up with some deadbeat who now stays overnight for days at a time, eating her food and using her car. Ive tried to tell her that the guy's a scumbag but she won't hear it. She says he helps her. She ran out her cousin who was taking care of her because she said her cuz was stealing from her, and idea that I'm sure that guy put in her head. Anyway I'm so mad that I could spit nails but there's nothing I can do as long as she's in her right mind at wants him there. Meanwhile I haven't talked to her in over a month because I don't want go argue with her.

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  • Normal, and it sounds like you're lying, are you on White Ox? Because you could get head spins on the tobacco with these wild ideas. You sound like a cigarette junkie, lay off the strong stuff, unless of course you're something else hyped up on the coffee, you're making me spin, man. Are you on red Mitsubishi's or some legal shit? Maybe it's the pills, really, I know you're high on some legal drugs, man.

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