Is it normal that i love talking to people, but not in person?

so I'm 19 and I love talking to people online, texting, or talking on stuff like gaming, I play video games almost on a daily basis and always talk to people online, I like having arguments and helping people, I feel like I could spend all day speaking to people online, listening to them and stuff like that but when it comes to people in real life, I have a hard time meeting new people and keeping a conversation with new people.

With people I already know, which BTW is just a few, I alway talk, I'm the one that makes jokes out of the situation because I like making them laugh, I make conversation and keep it going, normal stuff, but I always have a hard time making new friends or meeting new people and in fact, that's the main reason I don't have a girlfriend because I just can't talk to people IRL I feel awkward and weird, maybe its a Language thing because english is my second language? idk, what do you all think and what are some tips you can give me to be able to talk to people?

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  • Whats your first language? :)

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  • You aren't talking if it's not in person.
    If you don't like your voice maybe get a steven hawkings chair and say you have ALS. That way the whole world is a chatroom for you.

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