Is it normal that i locked my bf out

My bf was supposed to come over to my house last night but then we ended up getting into argument and I told him not to come. He said he would show up anyway and I told him that if he drove the hour and 30 mins all the way over to my house, I would not open the door.

He showed up and I didn’t let him in, I thought it was crazy and ridiculous that he would drive all the way to my house uninvited when I specifically told him not to. So I didn’t let him in and he was knocking for like an hour outside. We were arguing on the phone which led to us breaking up for other reasons, but I still feel bad about locking him out.

He’s been to my house many times and my house is like a second home for him but it’s still my house. Is it fucked up that I locked him out ? Would you have done the same ?

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  • It's your home. If you don't feel safe with him being there, if you're just tired and you need some me-time alone from him, ...then you don't have to invite him over. And he needs to respect that.

    You're not even living together and he's already throwing tantrums, disrespecting your boundaries...!! Red flag.

    It's not like you threw him out onto the street because he doesn't even live with you. And you made it clear to him he wasn't welcome at that time, and yet he still came. He literally refused to listen to you. Red flag.

    Your boyfriend is showing all these red flag behaviors, and yet here you are, wondering if you did something wrong. Do you think he wonders if he did something wrong??

    I don't know how your relationship with him is, but... Your own safety comes first.

    If you feel threatened by his presence... maybe he shouldn't be inside your home. I don't know. It's your call.

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  • Your partner lives an hour and a half from you.

    That’s like halfway across my state 🤣

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  • Yeah since he was already coming over it was messed up. I get that you told him not to but he probably thought when he got there he could have squashed the beef and yall would get along again. I think it was a bad move and he's gonna resent you for it. I think it really does make a difference when you consider he was already supposed to come.

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