Is it normal that i like to layer my deodorant?

I like to put the "unhealthy" aluminum stuff first because it actually works, then I let it dry, then I use some of that "natural" shit on top of it for freshness because it smells nice

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  • I used to have to use the clinical strength shit cos I'd sweat so much. I'd layer on the clinical strength one in the evening after my shower, then top it off with an aerosol antiperspirant that smelled good in the morning.

    Took a few weeks over winter when I was off work to transition to the natural stuff. Now it works far better and I don't even sweat as much. And I barely use any of the natural stuff. Tea tree in the shower helps kill off any bacterial build up. I've read you can speed up the process with a detoxing kit but I feel like that's just what they say to push a product.

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  • I've done that too.

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  • The aluminum will help keep you grounded since metals are of the Earth

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    • Cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury and thallium are all metals which will very definitely keep you permanently "grounded".

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  • I literally just discovered the difference between aluminum deodorant and non. Im switching tomorrow because apparently its easier to clean your armpits after. I hate that i have to scrub my armpits to remove my deodorant.

    Sounds normal to me.

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