Is it normal that i laughed so hard at this reddit post?

A while back I came across this post on Reddit. It was written by a parent who was concerned because their child would say "goodbye turds" and wave at the toilet while flushing. Then over the course of several years wanted to watch other students flush after a bowel movement, laughed at the way a dog was shaking while pooping and kicked the pile of turds, and overall had an obsession with poop and butts and any kind of scatological terminology. I laughed so hard I was red in the face and couldn't breathe and the next day almost burst into uncontrollable laughter at work. Sometimes while playing a game on the Nintendo Switch if I destroy a bunch of enemies at once I say "goodbye turds!" I feel so super bad for laughing because it was a serious post but I can't help it.

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  • Well that’s a child fixated in the anal stage if I ever did hear of one!

    Take your joy where you can OP, as long as the parent of this poop-loving child never finds out.

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  • I mean that kind of stuff worked out pretty good for GG Allin. That kids going places some day.

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  • That is pretty funny. However, as a parent, I can completely understand the parent of the kid being befuddled and concerned.

    Most young children go through a phase of being fascinated by faeces. In fact, I can remember being so myself, and my recollection is that my interest in poop only faded away at some point during my elementary school years.

    But even at that age I was sufficiently socially aware to keep my interest covert, and I didn't talk about it. It seems to me that the kid's main problem wasn't his interest in poop, but a definite lack of filter. I think if I'd been his parent, I probably would have said that I could understand his interest, but that there were some things that it just wasn't polite to talk about.

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  • Tell the concerned parent to start saving up for that kid's college fund, that boy's a genius! 🤣

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