Is it normal that i have no interest in forming social relationships?

I've just never understood what people get out of it. It brings me neither joy nor fulfillment. It's not as though I /hate/ people or anything--folks can be truly wonderful and inspiring sometimes. And I need people to do the things for me that I can't do. But whenever I socialize, for any length of time, either with strangers, people I know, or family, I immediately feel so tired and want it to be over so I can go and be alone again. It feels mentally exhausting for me to even have that shallow, 3-second kind of "Hey, how are you?/ Good, you?/ Good," interaction. I just spew platitudes and mechanical responses until it's finally appropriate to say goodbye. And I never feel lonely. Like, at all. Solitude is the only place where I feel at all comfortable and like myself. Is there something wrong with me?

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  • It sounds like you are a true introvert & for people that have that quality, it is common for them to feel as if they are tired & need a recharge after social interaction.

    What you truly "need" in terms of companionship is entirely up to you. You may find that you are perfectly happy on your own & there us nothing wrong with that. It is atypical, however, as humans are social animals & stuff like compainship has been found to lower stress & increase life expectancy.

    If you do find that you are lonely, there are other people with a similar affect. I know plenty of people who spend "together yet alone" time- like sitting together in a room quietly & reading different books. If you find yourself wanting to be with someone, you might look into finding a partner with similar habits.

    I suppose you'll just have to assess your life & determine what it is that you need. If you are honestly happy on your own, that is perfectly ok.

    Stop worrying about what is normal & start thinking about what's good for you and what will ultimately make you happy.

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  • Its normal, you are an introvert.

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  • Each to their own

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