Is it normal that i have more energy after i fart?

I’ll frequently get a little sleepy after lunch. I’ve found if I have a couple of good farts, I get my energy back again. Am I the only one that has this experience?

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  • Gas powered propulsion

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  • Maybe you were feeling bloated before you farted?

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  • Farts contain meth which gets you high.

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  • No but I laugh at the sounds they make.

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  • It could be psychosomatic; maybe at some point you out-gassed, felt more energetic afterwards for some completely unrelated reason but made the link between farting and energy level, so you're now more energetic simply because you believe you should be.

    Most people do feel a little drowsy after eating, and the usual explanation for that is that blood flow to the digestive system is increased and that part of our body is using more oxygen and blood glucose to digest the meal, so there's less going to the brain.

    Or it could be something weirder. The vagus nerve forms the connection between our internal organs and the brain, and medical science still hasn't firmly nailed down all the details of that link. One of the things the vagus nerves controls is blood sugar level. It's purely wild speculation on my part, but I wonder if when your large intestine is full of gas, that puts pressure on the vagus nerve in such a way that your blood glucose drops a little.

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